4 Types Of Animal Violence That Commonly Takes Place

4 Types Of Animal Violence That Commonly Takes Place

Animal violence has become a normal part of our society today. In many places, you will see that animals are treated badly. Here are some common forms of animal violence that occurs in our society.

Simple neglect

The basic needs of an animal are not taken care of. This means not looking after their food, water,r shelter and medical checkups. There is a lack of pet grooming. Neglect is a passive form of animal violent that commonly takes place.

Malicious neglect

This includes things like dogs being chained for a long time or pets being kept in a confined and unhealthy environment for a long time. These malicious treatments cause great pain to the animals.

Intentional abuse

Sometimes people torture a pet to get back at the person with whom they are having a difficult relationship. According to social workers, those who abuse animals can abuse other people as well. There is a strong relationship between violence against pets and human domestic violence.

Organized abuse

Dog fighting still takes place in many regions. People do it for money and also the pride to breed and fight the toughest dogs. The feeling of getting popular also lets people do this kind of mistreatment to the dog.

Such types of abusive acts must be stopped. Animals can be of great help to us. They can be part of our family. We shouldn’t mistreat animals. If we see a stray dog on the street, we should try to find a shelter for him. If we have pets, we should treat them well.